Our services focus on the industrial, commercial and private use of drones for surveys, inspections, special analysis and aerial photography. Traditional services in the field of drone operations are now standardised and widely available.

Our mission is to integrate bespoke customer requests into practice in such a way that they perform optimally in complex working environments and comply fully with relevant local regulations. As our services are tailor-made we are able to meet the most demanding requirements. Deploying drones saves you time and money while reducing risk and uncertainty; People performing the same task are vulnerable to fatigue and human error, with the possibility of delays, injury, or inaccurate results.

When you assign us to undertake drone operations, we deliver insightful, targeted results that add value to your business and help lead you to success. Projects within scope include solar fields, wind turbines, cell phone masts, power lines, bridges, dams, cooling towers, chimneys of power plants, railway lines, and many more… With our broad service portfolio, we are well equipped to offer you the most fitting project solution, and deliver the high-quality data needed for post-inspection analysis.


Detailed Reports and Pictures

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Monitoring and inspection of turbines and towers with less than 30 minutes of downtime.

Visual inspection of both on-shore and off-shore wind turbines.

High-resolution cameras enable detailed visual inspections further from the object, reducing the risk of collision.

Adjustment of blade position or pitch is not necessary mid inspec- tion; the drone is programmed to intelligently account for different positions and orientations of the turbine.

Damage to blades and tower structure, including corrosion, impact damage, and other, are recorded completely and precisely.

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  • The user can start and end the whole process at any time by simply pressing the button.
  • Flight does not require any intervention.
  • Thanks to the sensitive sensors on AID and SID, the parameters required for safe flight (wind, temperature, obstacle distance, flight traffic, etc.) are continuously measured and the flight is performed.
  • Safe return is provided when any insecurity is detected or the flight is terminated at the request of the user.
  • The whole process takes place hundreds of kilometers away and without the need for intervention.
  • There is no need for short-term maintenance.
  • The flight is performed within 45-60 minutes.
  • Up to 4 turbines can be inspected daily.
  • Even the smallest flaws in the blades are detected and information is processed very quickly and with high accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • Detailed and reliable reports are prepared by expert control and delivered within 1-2 days.



Measurements and inspections using 3D recordings, which can be automati- cally accessed from desktop, tablet or smartphone via WiFi or 4G.

Creation of AS-Built models that show the structure as it was constructed. From AS-Built documentation and AS-Built control, a uniform overall model is created that can be used as the basis for an operator model.

Automatic AS-Built control of the nature and shape of the mast, the manu- facturer, the dimensions, the inclination and the antenna efficiency.

Recording and measurement of EME (earth-moon-earth connections) and RF (radio frequency) using exact 3D simulations.

Damage to blades and tower structure, including corrosion, impact damage, and other, are recorded completely and precisely.

Creation of detailed reports that are required for the development of com- munication concepts and the installation of radio transmission links.



Precise line of sight (LOS) testing for determi- nation of radio transmission characteristics.

Accurate time-saving measurements for Fres- nel calculations.

It is possible to test LOS between Cell Towers over 20km apart using our drones.

Drone mounted cameras for this purpose are equipped with lenses providing over 30x opti- cal zoom.